At the end of the 18th century, Michele Garofalo, with a royal decree, obtained the exclusive concession for pasta production due to the consideration of its “well made” status. The processing of Garofalo pasta consists of methods based on both the ancient knowledge of making pasta and recent innovations that complement pasta lovers’ taste buds. And this whole thing maintains intense precision to attain perfection.

Raw Ingredients and Processing of Garofalo Pasta

The selection of only the superior-quality of semolina is considered for making Pasta Garofalo, which is collected from the grinding of the most refined wheat grown in Italy, Arizona, and Australia.
Pasta Garofalo comes into shape with multiple aspects of care and checking. From checking the color parameters, so many factors like flavor, characteristics, and the cleanliness of the selected wheat are checked intensely for making Pasta Garofalo. And above all, the gluten level of the chosen wheat is verified with extensive care.

Source: Origini